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Basildon Area Diabetics

Getting the Balance Right

basildon and essex area diabetics
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Share experiences of diabetes and being diabetic with Essex residents
Basildon Area Diabetics

EDIT: My apologies if you have been reading this so called community and waiting for new posts, but I'm afraid to say that I have decided to delete this account as it does not appear to be getting used and I have run out of hope for it being used.

This notice will display for a week before I actually delete the account.
July 16th 2008

created by: ghost_x_rider

Hi there, my name's hermi_nomi (AKA Naomi) and I am diabetic.
I'm setting up this journal primarily as a means of getting local people interested in the Basildon and District voluntary group meetings of Diabetes UK.

We need local people willing to join the committee.

I regret to inform all local diabetics that we have now closed for the time being until we have enough committee members to organise and run the meetings. It's not finished, and it never will be until there is a cure for diabetes. We do have people willing to stay on the committee for now, so think of us as in a hiatus state until more people join the committee.

I'm also setting up this journal to be a place for all diabetics, and people who know diabetics to share their experiences of being diabetic.

My aims for this community are to attract the attention of people local to Essex who live with diabetes (families, friends, spouses, collegues) and to share experiences and ideas on living with diabetes, to offer support ~ and rustle up interest in the Basildon and District voluntary group meetings :-).

I am not a medic or healthcare professional, so while we may talk about medical issues and treatments, anything that you feel unsure about should be discussed with a member of your diabetes care team or other healthcare professional.

What is diabetes: A pain in the a*se

Okay, so I hate the idea of doing this as I know ...but it's kinda reassuring to know that other people know ...

Type 1, insulin dependant diabetes develops when the body is no longer able to produce any insulin. What's the problem? Insulin is made by the pancreas to convert glucose into energy. In type 1 diabetes this glucose builds up as the body can no longer change it into energy. The levels of sugar in your blood will rise and you become increasinly thirsty, your bladder needs emptying more frequently (a nice way of saying that you often have to take a gushing leak.) You also become tired and lethargic (no energy) and lose weight (which is not good ~ it's your body falling apart!)

Luckily, if you're okay with needles, type 1 diabetes is treated with injections of insulin and a balanced diet.

Type 2, non-insulin dependant diabetes is different from type 1 in that it develops when the body still produces some insulin, but not enough, or when the insulin produced doesn't work very well. Type 2 diabetes is controlled with tablets and a balanced diet.

Type 1.5 has recently been newly recognised as a different form of diabetes. There is little evidence of immunity to insulin (as in type 1) and little evidence of insulin resistance as in type 2 (where the bodys insulin not working properly.) Usually, (according to Insulin Dependant Diabetes Trust) type 1.5 diabetics achieve good control of the condition with treatments to increase the insulin made in the body.


According to Diabetes UK there are 1.8 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK.
There's an estimated one million people who have the condition without knowing it.
Join the crowd that's in the know.

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