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Diabetes, Retinopathy and the DVLA - Basildon Area Diabetics [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Diabetes, Retinopathy and the DVLA [Feb. 20th, 2007|03:11 pm]
basildon and essex area diabetics


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How many of you guys are diabetic, or know someone who is diabetic and has a license to drive? (007 anybody?) Could you survive without your car? Have you faced problems with the DVLA as a diabetic, or with driving in general?

Having always had poor control of my diabetes, I've never bothered to learn to drive. Who wants to drive anyway when they can face a rise of 60p in bus fares, and buses that turn up when they feel like it...

There's an article in this weekends Yellow Advertiser (local free newspaper) about a diabetic womans sucessful campaign against a flawed DVLA sight test. Thearticle was first published in the Echo a week ago. The article says;

The old test was problematic for people with diabetic retinopathy - a condition where sight has deteriorated because of damage to the retina caused by diabetes.

This leaves tiny gaps in the field of vision, which the eye quickly adapts to by scanning.

But the old test required people to stare at a single spot, making it much more likely those with retinopathy will fail.

Mrs Banks's campaign eventually resulted in the DVLA getting together with the Government and eyecare experts to produce a report into diabetic retinopathy and fitness to drive.

The report has now been published, and includes all her key recommendations, including the need for secondary tests conducted by people in a driving environment.

See Consultation responces for Diabetes UK report on diabetic retinopathy and fitness to drive.

Would you say that the DVLA test discrimated against suffarers of diabetics retinopathy (I should hope we would as diabetics,) or would you say that if someone with retinopathy cannot stare at a single spot, thus failing the DVLA eye test, then they obviously have poor eyesight?

On the otherhand ...it's not like you would ever need to drive along the M1 or something and stare at a spot on the road ~ you'd probably end up crashing as a result!

Edit Diabetes UK: Get involved ~ diabetes and eyes