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Local group meeting of Diabetes UK: 7th December - Basildon Area Diabetics [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
basildon and essex area diabetics

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Local group meeting of Diabetes UK: 7th December [Nov. 26th, 2006|02:14 pm]
basildon and essex area diabetics


Basildon and District Voluntary Group Meeting of Diabetes UK

I'd just like to let everyone know about the next meeting of the Basildon group on the 7th December!We are an accessable and easy-going group. The meetings are really informal; they are not boot camps. No-one will tell you what to do as part of your diabetes care, although people will share posssible solutions if there adise is requested. Group members are not usually health care professionals but most are diabetic and as such relate to others who are diabetic and encourage them to live successfully with the condition. There are 100s of diabetics in the Basildon area alone, but few ever attend the group meetings. How well are each of these people coping with the news that they are diabetics? How are they coping at school/work, how helpful do they find their diabetes education, treatment, etc? We need feedback from the people we aim to reach out to. Come along to the meetings and share your experiences with us so that we can respond to the needs of local diabetics and advocate improvements in health care provision ~ together we can work towards better understanding and supportive care for diabetics. More and more people are diagnosed as having diabetes everyday, yet diabetics are still very under-represented ~ lets show the UK and the world who are are!

At our meetings you will be welcomed at the door by members of the committee. There is a display of leaflets relevant to aspects of diabetes available. Once everyone appears to have arrived, and taken a seat there will usually be a guest speaker at the meeting. As a group for those interested in diabetes, the guest speaker will normally have an interest in an aspect of diabetes ~ a Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN) for example, or a Dietitian. We also have guest speakers from the community on other interests. Towards the middle of the evening raffle tickets are sold to raise money for Diabetes UK and tea and coffee is provided, which signals the start of friendly discussion amongst members and gives everyone a chance to talk to one another. Grab a cup and ask what happened to the nurses strip tease party ~ that will get people interested!

The tease begins at 7:30PM. Visit the Postgraduate Centre (Basildon Hospital) on 7th December for the christmas party meeting!

We have had many speakers at the meetings, and I particulary found the opportunity to speak with a Dietician very useful as I had recently been told I was anaemic. See the following programme for a list of the guest speakers who have attended the meetings;

Programme of the past years meetings;
5th January: No Meeting
2nd February: Diabetes Specialist GP
2nd March: Insulin pumps
6th April: Essex Air Ambulance
4th May: Adopt a Project
1st June: London bombings
6th July: The NSF for diabetes
3rd August: Theatre land
7th September: Dietician
5th Ocotber: AGM, ladies of the tower
2nd November: Diabetes and Heart disease
7th December: Christmas party