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basildon and essex area diabetics

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Queries about user info page? [Oct. 16th, 2006|01:01 pm]
basildon and essex area diabetics


Anyone have any comments, queries or constructive criticisms of the information provided on the user info page?

If so, talk about them here!

From: (Anonymous)
2006-11-02 02:41 pm (UTC)


Not used to all this hi tech stuff. It's a really good start and I really do hoe you get replies advertise the up and coming Diabetes awareness day on here. Keith.

Not Anon
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[User Picture]From: hermi_nomi
2006-11-03 01:43 pm (UTC)

Re: Diabetes

Hi there!
Thanks for saying that it's a good start :-)
Umm...when is the Diabetes Awareness Day? (...I'm not aware of it lol) Maybe I could see if there's anyone willing to make banners (pictures) for the user info page :-)
(PS get an account with livejournal and you won't have to be annonymous.)
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