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Stem cell research: 'cure' for diabetes [Apr. 12th, 2007|02:11 pm]
basildon and essex area diabetics


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I heard on the radio last night that there has been some success in developing a 'cure' for type 1 diabetes (insulin dependant ~ like me.) Being dependant on insulin means injecting oneself with insulin up to four times a day.

I've been diabetic for over fifteen years now ~ I've grown-up diabetic. I've grown used to it. But I've never accepted it. I guess it just seems wierd to me that I have no choice but inject given that I want to stay well and healthy. There is nothing 'wrong' with me in a way 'cos I'm not physically disabled and I don't really have a detrimental condition ~ I just have to do these blasted injections, day in, day out ~ every blasted day.

And now there is a greater chance of been able to 'block' diabetes. (I feel like I'm a member of the X-Men here...) The simple explanation of type 1 diabetes is that it's caused when the pancreas stops creating insulin.

This BBC article says that Type 1 diabetes is caused by the patient's own immune system destroying insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.

The 'cure' consists of scientists taking the diabtics own stem cells and using them as a transfusion to restart the immune system. Apparently 14 of the 15 test patients were able to go for years sometimes, without an insulin injection. No surgery to replace the pancreas! A transfusion. That's probably like having a drip, right? I could cope with that ... And so what if stem cell transfusions don't create a permanent cure ~ even a few months without a single injection would be bliss. Buit would it be enough? If these transfusions became readily available and I have it done, could I bear to have to start injecting again? I don't think I could. And so, would I take the 'cure'?

It's also believed that stem cell transfusions could be used to help people with other auto-immune diseases. So I was wandering ~ what would your attitude be to this conundrum of whether to take the cure or not. Blue Pill, Red Pill (try saying that really fast while drunk ;-) .) What's you opinon on this preliminary research? Etc Etc

Here is another article that I seen posted at diabetes (thanks for the link.) I haven't read it yet but it's a new scientist article so should be informative.

PS also posted at my own journal.